John Sullivan Puerto Vallarta RealtorYes, I am "That guy that was on HGTV!"

     I am originally from Seattle but have lived in such varied places as Sweden, where I was a Rotary Foreign Exchange student and Alaska, where I was a crab fisherman for 11 years (yep, just like the TV shows). Suddenly it dawned on me that with education and dedication, I could live in the spot I consistently vacationed from these cold places- Puerto Vallarta! Even the sound of it is warm and friendly, just like the town.

I was trained in real estate in Washington (where I got my license) but really “cut my teeth” in Puerto Vallarta having taken hundreds of hours of training on the nuances of living and owning in Mexico. I am virtually an expert on the “PV Lifestyles” including vacationing here, having fun while you are here and how to change your life if you decide to live part or full-time here in Puerto Vallarta. I personally own homes here in PV and can say with no hesitation, there is a place for everyone here, no matter whether your comfort level is at one hundred thousand or one hundred million. Nobody really cares how much money you have when we are lounging on the beach. You enjoy the “PV Lifestyle” and that’s all we need to know!

My company “Boardwalk Realty” is one of the most respected and busiest real estate companies on the bay. Why? Because we follow up. Over 75% of our business is from previous clients and we intend to keep it that way. We know that owning here is only part of it and we help integrate you to the “PV Lifestyle” in addition to making your owning here fun and relaxing.  Our affiliate attorneys keep your investing safe and profitable and our “Concierge service” makes sure your TV and internet work as you walk in the door! You’ll see our signs around town and now you know why; our previous clients trust us.

On a personal note I am a single dad and have raised my son here for 12years of his 16. We enjoy tennis, bike riding and snorkeling together.  I live in the Hotel Zone but own both beachfront and hillside (view) properties as well. As a hobby I have been recognized in the John Lennon songwriting contest and currently perform Friday nights in the Texas Embassy Blues Band on lead guitar. We often perform at the Saturday “Old Town Farmers Market” and support too many charities to list but the Vallarta SPCA and “Pasitos de Luz” are two favorites.

Have questions about the “PV Lifestyle”? Just ask. I’m an expert!

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